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Janine was born and raised in France and educated in France and Germany. With law degrees from Saarbrücken Universität and the Sorbonne, she worked for many years as a banker in Paris before turning to a full-time career in interior design. Janine worked as an interior designer in London for six years, and has been working in Manhattan and Westchester for the last 20.

Janine has professional knowledge of a multiplicity of styles, cultures and tastes: she is as comfortable working with a New England colonial or sleek modern American style as she is with an 18th Century French manoir. In addition to her intimate knowledge of Europe, Janine’s travels have taken her to the Indian subcontinent, North Africa, Asia and South America, and she creatively introduces design elements from these cultures when relevant. Janine enjoys using her knowledge to interpret her clients’ wishes, while also opening their eyes to possibilities that they may not have imagined.

JDA Interiors’ global professional network includes architects, builders, artisans, artists and domestic and international specialty sources. Projects over the past 26 years have been as small as redesigned window treatments or a new powder room and as large as a complete teardown. Janine’s portfolio ranges from an “olde world” office on Pall Mall in London to an eclectic contemporary house in southern Westchester.

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“A true problem solver”

“I hired Janine several years ago when I did a kitchen renovation and expanded the back of the house to include a new small den and an additional bedroom.

Janine has an amazing sense of design, color and functionality. She is an excellent listener and incorporated my thoughts into a cohesive plan. Her attention to detail was reflected in everything from the furniture selection, the choice of fabrics, wall color, floor stain, and cabinet pulls. There are so many decisions involved in a project, and she was there to confidently advise on all of them. She is a true problem solver and was even able to politely advise my contractor on a potential problem that had him stumped.

Janine worked well within our agreed upon budget. Her pricing was fair and transparent. Looking back, I realize that her services were an incredible value as they prevented me from making costly mistakes on my own. I wouldn’t tackle another home project without her.”

“Better results than I could have anticipated”

“I am very happy to recommend Janine Arnold. She helped me to decorate several rooms in our current home as well as several rooms in our previous home years ago. She is a pleasure to work with as well as being knowledgeable, responsive, detail-oriented and organized. Janine helped me to find and put together just the right fabrics, furniture, lighting and other accessories. She always kept in mind my ideas while at the same time offering insightful suggestions to produce better results than I could have anticipated. She was attuned to my wishes in terms of style, budget and pace. She is a great problem solver and was able to find solutions to various decorating obstacles that arose. All in all, working with Janine is enjoyable, productive and rewarding and I hope to work with her again on future decorating projects.”

“Talented and insightful”

“Janine helped my husband and me completely redecorate our home after we moved in, and she continues to assist us with updates as necessary. Janine is a talented and insightful interior decorator. She sees the potential in a space and comes up with creative ideas to transform rooms—inspiring us in the process. With Janine’s help, decisions that I would have agonized over were easily made. She doesn’t tell clients what to do, or force her style and taste upon them, but tells them what works and helps them to design interiors that best match their lifestyles. Janine is willing to work with existing pieces, and within a budget. She makes herself available to answer questions in a timely manner, in person and also by phone and e-mail. Finally, Janine is a pleasure to work with. She is dependable, reliable and punctual. She clearly enjoys helping clients create beautiful homes.”

“An amazing breadth of knowledge”

“I highly recommend Janine Ducoin Arnold. She is a pleasure to work with, is extremely knowledgeable and is a consummate professional. She is also a lovely person.

Our project was complicated but Janine made everything look easy. We needed to remodel one bathroom on our second floor and add two additional ones. We couldn’t envision how we could accomplish this but Janine led us calmly through the process. From working with the architect, to finding a contractor, to choosing plumbing fixtures, tiles, marble and paint colors, Janine created three fabulous bathrooms that we love. She made sure that our new bathrooms are in harmony with the architectural detail and colors elsewhere in the home.

She has impeccable taste and a breadth of knowledge that is simply amazing, yet she also listens well and is in tune with what the client wants. Another important quality of Janine’s is that she has very good relationships with vendors. The tile and marble company that we worked with bent over backwards to please us as clients of Janine. We are very, very happy with the outcome.”


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